Login to OneLogin and go to administration.

1- You can download or logo from: https://www.circlehd.com/img/circlehd-presskit.zip
2- From Onelogin admin select apps->add app
3 - Search for SAML,
4. Select SAML Test IDP
5- Save the form with appname: CircleHD and logo (downloaded step1)
5. Fill in the following details:

Audience: https://<YOURDOMAIN>.circlehd.com/auth/saml2/metadata.xml

ACS (Consumer) URL Validator*: ^https:\/\/<YOURDOMAIN>\.circlehd.com\/auth\/saml2

ACS (Consumer) URL*: https://<YOURDOMAIN>.circlehd.com/auth/saml2

6. From SSO Tab Copy the X.509 Certificate and paste into CircleHD Portal Settings/SSO Certificate field
7. Copy SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) and paste into Login url field