CircleHD Recording Studio is inbuilt into the portal. Webcam recording is supported in all common browsers, but Screen Recording is supported only in Chrome. You can use below steps to setup the Screen Recording option in Chrome.

  1. Once logged into CircleHD portal, click on any link in the left Vertical Menu. You will notice a “Record” option in the top right header. Click on “Record” button.
  2. Clicking on “Record” button will take you to the Recording Studio page. It will default to Webcam recording option, please make sure you allow any security prompts by the browser.
  3. If Screen Recording plugin is not installed, it will display a message on the main page with a link to install the plugin. You can click on the “Install” link to start installation plugin or click “Learn More” to get more details on the plugin.
  4. Once you click on the “Install” link, it will take you to the Chrome store installation page, please follow instructions to add this to your Chrome browser.
  5. There are multiple ways of installing the plugin. You can directly load in the browser and follow setup instructions. Second option is when you click on “Screen” button in the Recording Studio, it will prompt you to install the plugin.
  6. Click on the “Add to Chrome” link in the top right to add this plugin to the browser. The browser security will prompt if you are fine with the installing this plugin, please click on “Add Extension” button show below.
  7. Once installed, it will show up as an icon in the browser top right.
  8. After you verify all above steps, you have successfully installed the CircleHD Recording Studio plugin and its ready to use.